In Memory of William James who was born sleeping in 2001






to CarLisaCrafts, my name is Caron and I hand make and personalise unique cards and gifts for many different occasions.  I specialise in creating precious items for families effected by the loss of a baby, child or loved one and in the birth of rainbow babies.  Each of my items is specially designed for each individuals needs, allowing freedom for unusual names and anything personal that would make your chosen item unique to you.  If I can help you at all then please feel free to contact me via the contacts page here on the web site or via e-mail  You can also find my fan page on Facebook too.


Postage quoted is to all UK residence. If you live abroad and wish to order from me you are very welcome to but please contact me 1st


Please be patient, everything is made from scratch which takes time.  Please allow 28 days for delivery.  If you would like to ask about your order status please email me at

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